PDF Splice

PDF Splice is a small utility to make transformations on PDF files. Transformations include:

The "PDF Splice" name was inspired by the splice function in Perl

Project in sf.net: https://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfsplice/


  1. Make sure you have JRE (Java Runtime) 5 or newer
  2. Download pdfsplice.jar, iText-5.0.1.jar and bcprov-jdk15-133.jar and put them on the same folder
  3. Doubleclick on pdfsplice.jar :) or Run in the command line: java -jar pdfsplice.jar


PDF Splice depends on iText framework for manipulating PDF files.

PDF Splice also depends on Bouncy Castle for dealing with signed/cryptographed PDFs

(You can download both of them from https://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfsplice/files/dependencies/)

PDF Splice requires Java SE 5.0 or newer


The project is licenced under AGPLv3


Telmo Brugnara

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